Soul Stacks Bracelet Bar Terra Stone Collection

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Soul Stacks® Bracelet Bar Terra Stone Collection 

A program that’s as fun to sell as it is to shop. Our Bracelet Bar collection lets your customers design a stackable set of bracelets to symbolize all the things that mean the most. Start with a bracelet bag and curate a stack to represent the best parts of your life or celebrate others with a personalized gift! Each Terra Stone is chosen for its unique energies and made super giftable with fun messaging on each card.​​

  • Genuine semi-precious stones with universal energies​
  • High-quality goldtonebeading with mini branded charm
  • Super giftable packaging with custom art & a fun message for each style
  • 6 styles: White Howlite, Aquamarine, Black Agate, Labradorite, Pink Tourmaline, Lapis​
  • 24 pieceassortment​
  • Reorder by style in packs of 4​
  • Carded with gold gromet​
  • Ability to merchandise on the Soul Stacks Bracelet Bar Rotating Counter Fixture (DIS-STXB-U168, DIS-STXB-T4)​
  • Coordinates with Soul Stacks Terra Stone Mix & Match Earring Stacks (STXET-U24)